Virtual Office Answering Services

Virtual Office Answering

Different people run their business differently. Not all can afford big offices while some of you who prefer less hassle may like to work from your private workshops or studios.

But does this mean that you should look any less professional or businessperson than the ones having an office in a high-rise building?

Definitely Not!

And, Teqive Ltd. makes sure that for you. We provide an amazing pocket-easy solution of Virtual Office Answering Service for those of you who do not want to keep a regular communication staff and surely do not want to pay for them.

How Do We Do That?
  • We provide you a Business Phone Number
  • A dedicated receptionist who can talk in multiple languages Calls are answered in the name of your business and are transferred to you anywhere in the world
  • We give direct passage to engage any instructions given by you forthwith
  • We dispense 24X7 voicemail recording service for your customers who call all the time, while you are unavailable to answer them at that moment
  • We also issue a particular business mail id for and to you, where you or our assigned assistant can access and reply to customer’s mail
  • We forward calling information through mail and sms to you.
  • You can also hire tech-graded meeting area from Teqtive Ltd. at cheapest per hour or per day cost (as per your meeting)

So now, you are no longer a lone businessman forced to meet the traditional need of having an office space and a call attender to look the part.

Call this instant to hire us as your capable telecom sub-ordinate and concentrate 100 % on expanding your work nuisance-less.

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