Real Estate Data Entry

Real Estate Data Entry

Hire Real Estate Data Entry Service Providers:

Real estate is a nasty business with a load of transactions, legality and definite procedures for property evaluation. On top of that, all these elements are variables that keep on changing every now and then. Keeping tab on these is rather complex and requires generation of proper documentation. Having apposite documents in advance leverage your business and you profit big time from this pull. Teqive Ltd.’ data entry services give you this influential position by providing apt documents and reports on time with utmost precision. We have already served more than 150 clients with our professional take in this commercial sector.

What We Cover as Real Estate Data Entry Service Provider

Subcontracting Real estate data entry work with Teqive Ltd. covers all aspects of data entry :

  • Preparation and management of property documents
  • Creation of new database and regular update
  • Legal document preparation and filing
  • Property evaluation via software suite & printing of related report
  • Data entry of residential and commercial property value
  • Data entry of current sales and sales history
  • Insurance and tax concerned data entry
  • Online/offline data entry
  • Data capture and extraction
  • Data process and management
How We Work
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What you can look forward to
  • Saving 60% of the operating cost.
  • Receiving manual as well as digitized information with 99.10% of correctness.
  • Backing up evaluation and buying related decision with experienced team of analytics and sales.
  • Fast turn around time for small as well as big projects with considerable expertise.
  • No leak of information, whatsoever.
Why Us
  • Real estate is a trade that needs full-flown dedication. Team of professionals at Teqtive Ltd. understands that and reciprocates the same.
  • With us managing your real estate work like a virtual back office, you need not to worry about timely work and data loss.
  • Our accuracy is 99.10%, backed-up by heavy-duty software securing the exactness of data processing and evaluation every single time.
  • We adhere to stern process of step-by-step approach, which lightens up the complexities related to asset evaluation, legality, approvals and transactions.
  • With all this and more, Teqive Ltd. claims to be the best outsourcing real estate data capture and entry service provider. To know more, Call us right away!