Virtual Office Assistant Services

Virtual Office Assistant

Teqive Ltd. is a reputed name in the provision of assigning dedicated Virtual Office Assistant/s to the businesses that require such facility.

What is a Virtual Office Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is a person who gives professional assistance to his clients from a remote location. The assistance can be in the field of

  • Administration

  • Technical

  • Creative (may be social)

What can a VA do on over all?
  • Making reports

  • Attending phone calls

  • Replying instantly to email queries

  • Appointment scheduling

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Why you need a Virtual Administration Assistant?
  • They are thoroughly professional

  • They work single-mindedly

  • They are remotely accessible

  • They are your back and call people

  • They are contractual so less money is shed to hire their services.

  • They have expertise in the fields that may bother you and are quite consuming like social media maintenance, impromptu technical breakdowns, etc.

Why us
  • We are in this business for almost a decade now, so we know every in and out of such resource. And, that makes us bankable.
  • Our team of professionals understands every need of each client’s business thoroughly before executing the suitable operations for him.
  • The seamless way we do our job makes it a clutter-free service.
  • Our customized solutions that are designed to fit the different business profiles as per the variation of responsibilities makes them AWESOME!
  • Generically low price and increase in costing according to the extra features that you would like to add to VA’s tasks makes this hiring easy-peasy for you!

To know more about our Virtual Office Assistant Services and Tasks undertaken, Call Us Today!