Invoice Processing Services

Invoice Processing Services

Outsource Invoice Processing Services to Teqive Ltd.:

Whether you are B2B or B2C Corporation, Invoice management is substantially a critical thing for your business. Error-some invoices leads to breakout with customers and legal troubles, which is why a focused group of people is usually chosen to do the task.

Monthly invoices bulk up and take a lot of time and effort for proper processing. This delay the work and many a time put you into low satisfaction grid with clients.

Outsource invoice processing and management tasks to Teqive Ltd. and become receivables of best invoice processing services in the world!

Why Should You Outbound Invoice Processing Work Rather Than Having An Inbound Terminal?

If you desire for an out-and-out professional to take care of all the invoice inlet and outlet, then you must hire an outbound service provider. Also, it’s easy and time & cost effective.

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Teqive Ltd. processes and maintains all kinds of invoices – manual and digital, accurately. Be it,

  • Pro forma Invoice

  • Debit Memo

  • Timesheet

  • Collective Invoice

  • Evaluated Receipt Settlement

  • Commercial Invoice

  • Interim Invoice

  • Statement

  • Electronic Invoice

  • Credit Memos

  • Resume Forms/Applications

  • Progress Billing

  • Miscellaneous Invoice

We also support multiple accounts payable file formats, including XML.

With highly skilled workforce, you can expect confidentiality, enhanced & timely performance, negligible errors and inclusive periodic reports.

To figure out the customized options in this service as per your business’s requirement with cost details,
Contact us right away!