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Inbound Call Center

Having a proficient and swift customer support system is equally important as to making a quality product or providing efficient services. If one’s business fails to provide proper assistance to its line of customer, one may lose his valuable clients to the competitors. Not a profitable scenario for business! If lately you are facing trouble of matching with grilling demands of customer support, why not outsource it to more efficient or yet dedicated group of professionals? Outsource customer support services to Teqtive Ltd.  and let us be your competent, well organized and round the clock Inbound Call Center.

What Kind Of Services We Propose

  • Online Customer Care Services

  • Real-time Inventory Status Services

  • Place Locators and Referral Services

  • Sales Lead Qualification and Closure

  • Payment Collection Services

  • Email Management Services

  • Help Desk Solutions

  • Inbound Sales

  • Job Dispatch Services

  • Order Entry Services

  • IVR Services

  • Technical Support

  • Product Recall Management and Technical Information

  • Ticket Sales Subscription Services

  • Toll Free Reception Services

  • Virtual Receptionist Services

  • Registration of Event Participants and Prospects

How We Work
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Why Us

Well for starters,

  • We are professional call center representators Teqtive’s Inbound Call Center surrogates are skilled, dedicated and experienced group of experts who are being rigorously trained to take on any complication and responsibility that a call center entails.

  • Expanding Experience to talk about. Teqive Ltd. has set up its services for almost half a decade now. Working as a remote customer support unit for eminent clients in different business areas has enriched our result-oriented work background.

  • Non-quivering Support. The customer support mechanism that works 24X7 in an unbreakable loop is our strong hold.

  • Progressive Competence. We provide beforehand reports and testing aptitude by undertaking market sales and competition analysis for you. Our advance market exploration, quick response tactic, accounts management prowess and remote call supervision makes us stand-out in our field of services.

  • Ultra Modern Technology and Impeccable Customer Satisfaction. Equipped with latest data and voice communication systems, supported by ardent Internet connectivity, our inbound support delegates manage your customer relationships by answering queries first hand. This in turn increases the customer satisfaction, enhancing their loyalty to your products/services.

Hire us today and let your business thrive tomorrow, till further!