How we work

We follow very easy processes

Our working Process is to the point and very simple

Clients are usually very busy with a lot of other tasks to do. Still, they want a reliable and trustworthy outsourcing partner, who will be able to quickly begin the back office work for their project and get timely reports about the project. Considering this time limitation of our clients we have designed our working process into few simple stages.

Safeguarding Client Data

We have a number of adequate security protocols that facilitate us keep our clients’ data absolutely safe and out of harm’s way.

Data Theft Measures

Data is an integral part and very important for any organization. Any kind of leakage or theft of data may cause huge drawback or loss. Datashore understands and takes it earnestly to ensure that even a byte of client’s information is not leaked at any level of project completion.

Camera Surveillance

Every operator works under camera surveillance, which puts everybody under alert and keeps him or her focused to do right thing in right way. We don’t allow operating any electronic equipment other than issued and verified by our office administration. Apart from above steps we also have the flexibility to adopt and implement any process or security measure that our client wants.

To know more about our services or want to witness our processes in action, call us and ask for free sample work anytime. We will be happy to service you.

Anyone planning to outsource any of his/her long term or short term projects, wants to know

  • How & when will his or her project be completed?
  • What processes will his/her outsourcing partner follow?
  • Is there any important data left out?
  • What will be the channel of communication?
  • And some more important questions. Over years DATASHORE has developed strong internal processes that has made our solutions and methodology a valuable answer to such questions itself.