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Today when Internet is the essential part of data transmission, Email has turned into a principle fraction of communication both corporate and non-corporate.

In fact, it suffices corporate needs more than any other. And so, perfecting the language-in-use and the response time has become a central issue. For this very reason, many companies and/or small time businesses have started outsourcing email support to the firms, which can provide that kind of assistance. Teqive Ltd. is one of the handful of firms that provide world-class Outsource Email Support Service.

Why You Need Email Support?

There are many reasons as to why you as a business need email support.

  • First and foremost, a business looks class-oriented and responsible for quality if it’s electronic mail system is strong. It gives a more professional outlook to the business, when the response comes in form of Emails.
  • Replying to customer’s queries promptly in time through a cost-effective mode is one of the primary reason’s why one needs to have professional Email support system.
  • Another objective is that there are various reasons for which a mail is drafted, whether it is a query reply, thank you mail or sales reconciliation mail. Every reason of reply has a dynamic yet definite way of email construction, which only a trained person or group of professionals can do.
  • Having an offshore email support system ensures less call load and maximum web communication support
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Teqive Ltd. has a comprehensive email support system that includes.

  • Customer Care

  • Complete Query Resolution

  • Technical Support

  • Resolution of Escalated Cases

  • Email and Voice Blasting

  • Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Understands the dynamics of email support system in business development

Proposes expertise to reduce communication complexities

Has experience of serving multitude business lines like – Retail, IT/ITES/Software, Real Estate, Food & Packaging, Healthcare, etc.

Contact Teqive Ltd. right away and enjoy the continuous email support service to rig your business for higher profit index.