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Data Entry is a gruesome task. It is like a mammoth that feeds on time. One single minute mistake can ruin an entire chunk of business. At the same time it is heavy on pocket to hire a trained person for this work. Delegate the task to Teqive Ltd. team of skilled assistants and get free from the burden of both time and money consumption.

What Does A Virtual Data Assistant Do?
  • Data entry into Excel sheet

  • Data capture of competitors from various websites

  • Writing report on schedule of daily operation

  • Doing research and fetching information from internet regarding something specific

How Will Hiring A Data Entry Assistant Help?
  • It will reduce the data copying time by half.

  • This hiring will cutback the cost of entering data by 40%.

  • Peace of Mind will be retained by 100%.

  • It will increase the probability of correct data transfer by 1/3rd.

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Benefits of Engaging Teqive Ltd. Assistant as a Virtual Data Entry Operator
  • Functional professional approach
  • Bang-on coordination expertise
  • Simplistic process advancement.
  • Easy breezy when it comes to finance
  • Follow of changing instructions as directed
  • You get top-notch experienced executive in the business, for the business.
  • You will gain the ability to manage both small and large-scale data entry operations.

Mail us on info@Teqive Ltd.com to avail all the doles of having a Virtual Data Entry Executive today!