Airway Bill Processing

Airway Bill Processing

Among the business processes of any company, the transportation documentation processing gets more importance. Reason is only by scrutinizing and handling these documents processing prudently, the company can realize sale proceeds fully, expeditiously and without any loopholes. Teqive Ltd. can help you very well in this regard, by sharing your burden to a large extent, among all other Back Office Services.

Airway Bill Processing is somewhat intricate in that it involves more aspects to check and scrutinize, since the value of the goods invoiced for airfreight must be more – on an average. Any lapse in this processing will lead to heavy loss, by way of avoidable errors in these freight documents.

What is an Airway Bill?

While goods are booked by airfreight, an Airway Bill (AWB) is issued by the airline company (or their agent) concerned. It is a contract between the shipper (the consignor) of the goods and the airline company. It contains full details of the goods shipped, the name of the buyer (consignee) and the destination of the consignment etc.

This AWB acts as the documentary evidence for paying the Invoices raised by the seller to the buyer, even though they are “Non-negotiable documents”. So any discrepancy or defect in the AWB will reflect very badly, in payment of the Invoices by short-payment, delayed payment or non-payment etc.

You cannot take chances, therefore, in the business process of Airway Bill Processing, in your company’s interests.

How Teqive Ltd. Can Assist You?

Our Back Office Services are handled by experts with professional experience in the jobs they are being assigned. In that context, your Airway Bills assigned to us for processing will be handled with clinical precision, for zero-error. First the contents of the AWB will be checked for accuracy such as –

  • Matching the AWB with Supply Invoice

  • Checking the correctness of the information of sender; receiver; volume of goods; dimensions of packages; units; gross weight; net weight; commodity; chargeable weight; rate and actual charge, other charges, hidden charges and incidentals etc.

Mostly pitfalls may occur when enumerating the details of the supply invoice into the AWB by human error. If not found out, they will entail in unnecessary payments of extra amounts.

The processing will be done by specialized automation software solutions at our end by expert hands.

The AWBs will be scanned and saved in your server for data storage. The electronic data will be compiled periodically and a comprehensive report prepared on the total AWBs processed and scrutinized. This collection of data will be very much useful for insights into the transportation documents, especially air-freight of goods and for taking steps for improvements or corrective actions.

How You Get Benefited By Using Our Airway Bill Processing Services?
  • You leave the entire responsibility of checking, scrutinizing, comparing and clearing the AWBS to our Special Team and relax

  • Automated software are used for processing the AWB and therefore the chances for mistakes is almost zero

  • Experienced experts are taking care of your AWBs and use their vast experience in handling various other company transportation documents processing in checking your AWBs

  • Generation of valuable data that can be analyzed at any time

  • The cost saving for you is considerable – both by not using your permanent staff and by arresting pitfalls, errors and mistakes in AWBs for over-paying

Henceforth you shed your worries about Airway Bill Processing and leave us that burden. Our experts will deliver what you want if you Email info@Teqive Ltd.com; or even better to fill the published format at our site with full details of your requirement and relax!

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