About Us

About Us

Teqtive is a reputed and trusted outsourcing partner for superior Data entry and Virtual Assistant Services. We strive to deliver value to the business of our clients through our wide spectrum of services.

Every organization in the world is incorporated with the sole motive of gaining more and more profits every quarter.

But while wishing that, these businesses many times overlook the importance of the basic processes that is definite and must be incorporated into completion of such tasks. Those who understand this prospect look out vigorously to engage service providers who can give supreme quality of work at their disposal.

This is where we come in play.

Teqtive is a principle name of back office services that provides great custom made solutions for businesses that are in need of cheap and effective business assistance.

Rounding up work from past more than a decade, we have built a report of one of the top 10 offshore 3rd party service providers that work 24X7 throughout the year to deliver best of best.

Motto of Datashore – Data > Processed > Delivered


Our mission is to excel at generating tangible business value for our clients with innovative and authentic Workforce Solutions. We intend to improve the success rate of our clients’ business projects and bring greater alignment between systems and business users, by interpreting and foreseeing their needs and requirements.


Our vision is to become recognized leader for world class outsourcing and offshoring solutions by ensuring best client experience in the BPO industry.

Providing Service to Clients

Business and people are two elements that cross paths regularly. One doesn’t stand without another. If a business takes care of its clients in terms of impeccable assistance any time of any day, then that business has a tendency to secure long term clients who are happy and remain loyal to buy products & services again and again from the same business/vendor/corporation.

And this is what Datashore realizes and is determined to accomplish for your business.

Since inception, we have been completely a client centric company and each of our processes is operationalized only after understanding how it will further improve the B2B/B2C servicing and internal process execution of our clients.

Serving Society

Teqtive has been committed to uplift the society and its people. We are committed to raise the blind people and to spare one tenth of its profits for their betterment.

Free Information Assistance

To know more about Datashore and its policies to retain resources (process of work, manpower, etc.), connect with us today and ask for ask for candid information and a free sample work.